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Discover 8 Benefits of Capoeira


There is no age, ethnicity, social class, religion, or physical characteristics to practice and be a Capoeira. It is different and equal at the same time for everyone.

2. Move from head to toe

Capoeira gives you muscle definition, cardiovascular stimulation, and flexibility.

3. Puts the stress out of your life

Physical activity and music. A perfect combination that benefits your mental health

4. Stimulates motor coordination

The practice of capoeira has an effective work in motor coordination, reflex gain, and quick thinking.

5. self-defense

Literally, a fight disguised in dance. Learn a martial art with strikes, defenses, and takedowns.

6. Respect and discipline always

The universe of capoeira has a philosophy of stimulating discipline, hierarchy, and mutual respect.

7. be self-confident

Capoeira is a great tool for social interaction. It combats shyness and raises your self-esteem.

8. Capoeira is a multiple art

Learn how to fight, play instruments, sing, about history and learn some artistic expressions parallel to Capoeira, such as Maculelê, Samba de Roda, and Puxada de rede.

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