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Learning and playing through capoeira

The Capoeira is an excellent physical activity with an unprecedented richness to help in the integral formation of the child. It acts directly on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects. Its richness is in the various ways of being contemplated at school, where the child, through its practice, will be able to assimilate it and, thus, act on the lines with which they most identify.

Musicality is actively important in the practice of capoeira and is present in all classes, which develops, in addition to musical perception, rhythm and auditory acuity.

The classes are held respecting the integrity and physical capacity of each child in particular, taking into account that capoeira is not absolute, each member establishes different characteristics and objectives within the aspects that capoeira offers.

It is important to emphasize that in the effective practice of capoeira, there is no imposition of a religious nature.

It is characteristic of the classes, to present the following contents:

- Body heating

- Stretching

- Physical conditioning

- Handling Technique

- Acrobatic Movements

- Fundamentals

- Body language

- Musicality

- History and Culture

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