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Step by step the walk is made - CAPOEIRA GRADING SYSTEM

As in other martial arts, in the Capoeira we also find grading systems for its practitioners. The first to introduce a system was Mestre Bimba, creator of Capoeira Regional, who around the mid-1930s set up a grading system using different colored Lenços (neckerchief) to represent what level of learning his students were at. Also creating the Batizado ceremony, where the student, after having their basic knowledge, received their first graduation and their nickname in the Capoeira, which was seen as having a "war name".

With the modernization of capoeira, other grading systems were developed, varying their colors, nomenclatures, the material used, and the number of degrees. This was because Capoeira developed freely over time. With the appearance of each group, its graduation system was created, idealized by its responsible master. The most common nowadays is called Corda, Cordel, or Cordão (means cord).

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The Grupo Muzenza represents the level of its members using Cordas. The system was implemented and perfected throughout its 50 years of existence by Mestre Burgues, developer and president of the Grupo Muzenza de Capoeira, which are divided into two categories: Adults (16+) and Kids (up 15).

It is very important to emphasize that we use the term "Batizado" (it means baptized) in the Capoeira when the practitioner achieves his first degree, but this term has no reference or relationship with any religion or sect, it is just a term used due to the event.

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