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   Today the Grupo Muzenza de Capoeira is present in dozens of countries and has thousands of members. Is considered one of the largest Capoeira groups in the world.

Mestre burgues
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   The Muzenza Capoeira Group was founded on 5th May, 1972, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Paulo Sérgio da Silva (Mestre Paulão), who came from the Capoarte of Obaluaê started the group.

   In October 1975, the group was brought over to Curitiba, state of Paraná, by Mestre Burguês (Antônio Carlos de Menezes). After teaching in the neighborhoods of Méier and Madureira, in Rio de Janeiro, he decided to found another hub of the Muzenza Group in southern Brazil.

   Mestre Burgues implemented and developed its own methodology and philosophy that focused on the roots of Capoeira. In addition, he introduced the modality in clubs, barracks, schools, gyms, and at different communities such as black and underprivileged ones.

Sistema de Graduacao Muzenza
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